3 Main Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Electrical Contractor

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3 Main Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Electrical Contractor

30 May 2017
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Electrical work in a commercial setting is so different from domestic work. For this reason, you must target an experienced electrician with the required skills to complete the installation. A correctly installed electrical wiring system that is well functioning and safe for operation is essential for any commercial setting like a workplace, business enterprises, stores and warehouses.

A highly qualified electrician should not only be useful in the establishment of functioning electrics at a commercial centre but should also be an essential resource to keep your business or any other commercial centre up and running in case of electrical faults. Below are some questions you should ask and important things to screen when hiring a commercial electrician for your wiring project.

What Project Do You Intend to Handle?

It is necessary to determine the nature of installation project you intend to complete. Are you completely renovating an office building or changing its design? Are you doing a small repair or a serious installation? You will need to discern whether you need a complete electrical installation or just a simple repair. You should also decide on the time you plan on starting and completing the installation project. This will help in creating a realistic schedule of how the work will be conducted by your electrical contractor.

After all this information is clear, you can easily determine the type of research to narrow on and focus on electrical contractors who will be available to deliver on stipulated time.

What Is the Knowledge and Experience of Your Contractor?

Commercial electric installations can be both complex and unique. For this reason, you need a very specific skill set and experience to complete this kind of work well. To ensure safety and high quality result, you will have to choose a fully trained, knowledgeable and experienced electrical contractor for this job. Let them show you about two to three previously completed installation projects. Contractors who are confident and proud of their work will be more than willing to show you their previous jobs.

What Is the Estimated Rate of Your Chosen Contractors?

Whether the electrical contractor provides an estimated verbal quote or a concrete proposal will largely depend on the kind of installation project to be completed. Some contractors may charge based on hourly rate as this is done most for complicated projects that may be difficult to predict the exact amount of time they need to complete the installation. Make sure you have a clear contract agreement signed between you and your contractor before the installation begins.