5 Reasons a White Bathroom Still Makes Sense

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5 Reasons a White Bathroom Still Makes Sense

30 May 2017
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There's always some temptation to go for a kooky, out-of-the-ordinary bathroom when you're thinking about a renovation, but there's more than one reason why going with the traditional white bathroom is a good idea. Of course, you don't need to keep things white from floor to ceiling, but going for white for your sink, toilet, bath and walls might be a good idea.

Here are just five reasons why.

1. Open Atmosphere

Some people are blessed with very large bathrooms, but most homeowners will find their bathrooms a little on the smaller side. That's not always a problem, but it's something that you should take into account when you're picking a colour scheme. When you use bolder or darker colours, it can make a smaller room feel too confined and overbearing. White makes a room feel more open and expansive, and it reflects light to help prevent any shadows.

2. Design Versatility

You might decide that you want a character wall of a certain colour in your bathroom. However, you may then find it hard to source fixtures, flooring, and other items that match that colour. Everything goes with white, so this isn't something you'll need to worry about. Additionally, most bathroom products are white, so you'll be able to pick the perfect design for your bathroom without having to work around a less common colour.

3. Neutral Tone

It's likely that you're going to want to sell your house and move on at some point. The bathroom is one of the most important rooms to get right, and you can't really go wrong with white. As a neutral tone, a white bathroom will act as a blank canvas, letting potential buyers project their own ideas onto it. Ultimately, nobody is going to complain about having a white bathroom.

4. Enduring Style

Fashions come and go; you might want to indulge in the latest trend, but it's likely that your bathroom is going to start looking outdated in just a year or two. White bathrooms might not exactly break the mould, but they do provide timeless styling that is very unlikely to start looking dated as the years go by.

5. Easier Cleaning

Some people will tell you that white should be avoided since any marks or stains will show up quickly. However, this is really an advantage when you're dealing with a bathroom. Mould can grow very easily in moist environments, and it can be trickier to see when you don't go for white.

For additional advice, contact a bathroom renovator in your area.