Choosing Metal Roofs: Steel Vs Aluminium

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Choosing Metal Roofs: Steel Vs Aluminium

30 May 2017
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Metal roofs are revered by many homeowners because of the myriad of benefits they offer them. Longevity, energy efficiency, and versatility in terms of the designs and styles available are just a few of these benefits. However, you still need to choose among the many types of metals from which these roofs are made. Steel and aluminium are oftentimes the most common types of metal roofs you will find. Making a choice between these two can be a challenge, especially for first-time buyers. However, here is a guide that may be able to make the decision much easier.


One of the most distinguishing aspects about steel and aluminium roofs is their weight. Aluminium is lighter than steel. Therefore, handling aluminium roofing during installation will be much easier and this can translate to lower installation costs. In addition, if you are considering installing the aluminium roof over an already existing roof, you may have less concerns in terms of the overall weight of the roof. In some areas, there are some regulations that may restrict you from laying a roof over another, especially when you are using heavier roofing materials such as steel. Besides, due to the heavier weight of steel roofs, you may need to be concerned more about the structural integrity of the framing system you have to support the extra load of the roof.

Energy Efficiency

The lightness of aluminium roofs also pays off in terms of energy efficiency. That is, if you have an aluminium roof, it will tend to store less amount of heat and cool at a faster rate than its steel counterpart. This means your air conditioning system may not have to work as hard to attain the indoor temperatures you want and this will help save energy.


The durability of steel and aluminium roofs may depend on where you live. Since aluminium roofs are lighter and in most cases thinner, they are more likely to develop dents and dings if you live in a region that's frequented by hailstorms. If you live in the coastal region where there are high levels of salty waters, you need to be concerned about durability in terms of corrosion resistance. Generally, aluminium would work well in such areas because it has better resistance against corrosion. To prevent against the effects of corrosion when using steel, you should consider the galvanised option, which is usually coated with a layer of zinc. Remember that the heavier the coating, the better protection it will offer.