Fitting an Air Conditioning Unit in Your Dog's Unit

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Fitting an Air Conditioning Unit in Your Dog's Unit

30 May 2017
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They say that dogs are man's best friend. It's no wonder then that you can find them in so many households across the world. Their companionship is unmatched, and the least you can do for them is to provide them with a nice doghouse away from people's interference. In this way, your dog can enjoy some quiet time alone and get adequate rest. Given the playful nature of your best friend, one thing he or she really needs in their house is an air conditioning unit to help them cool off after a long period of running and jumping around. Here are some must-knows for fitting an air conditioning unit in a doghouse:

Selecting the Right Location

The first thing is to identify the right spot for setting up the air conditioning unit. You will definitely need a connection to the power supply in the house, meaning that the spot you choose should allow fast and easy connectivity to the power supply. If there is a power outlet nearby, you won't have to buy an extension cord. You will only need a cord from the house to the doghouse. Ideally, you should bury the electrical cord slightly to prevent accidents and damage by unsuspecting passers-by.

Selecting the Unit

Unlike air conditioners that you buy for the rooms in your house, you have many things to keep in mind when choosing one for the doghouse. First, note that you don't have so much space to work with in a doghouse. Additionally, you need a unit that you can mount overhead where the dog cannot reach despite all the cheeky manoeuvres it tries. A portable air conditioning unit or window unit will suffice despite all the installation challenges you will encounter.

Supporting the Unit

During installation, look out for any special instructions in the manufacturer's manual. For instance, does direct sunlight have an effect on the performance of the unit? If so then, you need to provide appropriate lining and insulation using rubber or other thick, non-conductive material. Rubber weather stripping with sealants also help to prevent the effect of moisture on the unit and ensure that it is operating optimally.  

Choosing the Ductwork

For a doghouse, you will be working in tight spaces and corners when fitting the air conditioning. Connecting any additional fans or fittings will require you to use flexible ductwork, made using low-density aluminium. This material can contour well around obstacles.

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