Plyboard Projects to Help Organize Your Home

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Plyboard Projects to Help Organize Your Home

22 June 2017
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Social media is filled with various projects to help organize your home. Most of them use wooden crates and pallets in some form or require purchasing numerous items. One way you can stay on budget, and still reach your organizational goals, is to use plyboard from an area plyboard distributor. Here are some plyboard projects that you can start with to help you get a feel for the plyboard and what it can do for your home.

Wire Rack Remodel

One of the items that you will find in most homes, and probably came installed in the home you own or rent now, are wire racks. These are common in kitchen pantries, closets, and laundry rooms. The problem with these racks is the spacing. It becomes difficult to have smaller items stand up on the racks or store without falling over. You can use plyboard to fix this. Just take two pieces of plyboard with one cut to fit the length and width of the shelf and the other cut to fit the length and with a width of about 2 inches to form an overhang. Connect the pieces and place them over the rack shelf and you have a smooth shelve to store items. You can also add paint or contact paper to give it a finished look.

Shoe Cart

Shoes can clutter up your closet and make it difficult to move around and store other items. You can put shoes on a shelf in the closet, but this means losing a lot of your storage space in the closet that could be used for other items. Instead, you can use plyboard to create a simple shoe cart. Simply create a box and box bottom with plyboard. Use another sheet or two of plyboard and create small shoe slots in the box. Put casters on the bottom and you have a rolling shoe cart that can easily be moved and placed in the ideal location in your closet.

Garage Tool Organization

Most people have various garden and garage tools like a shovel, rake, and other items. These items can be difficult to store easily or safely in most garage or shed areas. You can use plyboard to create a standing rack that will hold the tools. You can add PVC pipe to the cart that will help you keep the tools separate and standing up so they can easily be grabbed and stored when needed. It is a simple project that can save a lot of room in your garage or shed and make the area look less cluttered.

If you are ready to take on some of these projects, contact your local plyboard distributor. Many can cut the pieces for you as well as give you a price estimate for larger orders.