Tips for Eco-Conscious Home Renovations

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Tips for Eco-Conscious Home Renovations

22 June 2017
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Home renovations provide you with an excellent opportunity to enhance the functionality of your premises. However, increasing the square footage your home and boosting its kerb appeal should not be your only motivating factors. Your choice of home renovations could also significantly increase the efficiency of your residence, which in turn would help in decreasing your overall maintenance and running costs. The following are a couple of tips that you could use for eco-conscious home renovations.

Tip 1: Install new windows

Annealed glass is the traditional option that is installed in a majority of houses. The reason why annealed glass remains popular is it is one of the most affordable options available and thus will help in keeping your building costs low. However, affordability is the only advantage that you would enjoy with annealed glass. To enhance the comfort levels of your home while also making your house energy efficient, you should consider other window options, such as double-glazed glass, laminated glass and even tempered glass.

Your choice of window replacement will depend on several factors. For instance, you would have to factor in the overall orientation of your home to establish which windowpanes would be best suited for which side of your home. Moreover, you would have to consider the local climate of your area to determine what would be beneficial for you all year round. Therefore, it is essential to consult with your building contractors to determine the best replacement options.

Tip 2: Integrate water efficient solutions

One of the environmental problems Australians face is incessant drought. Therefore, more and more people are looking into water conservation methods to ensure that their home has a sufficient supply. One of the renovations that you could make to benefit your residence would be water collection receptacles that are integrated into your interior plumbing. These additional tanks will harvest rainwater for you that you could put to use for different applications in the home depending on your needs.

The second thing that you could do to enhance the water efficiency of your home would be investing in new tapware. Modern faucets come with various features such as low flow, water aeration and more, which will work toward decreasing the volume of water that you use without sacrificing the pressure of your water supply. Dual-flush toilets are also a great addition to your home, as they will ensure you only use the amount of water that you require, depending on the type of waste.