Affordable and Spectacular Landscaping Ideas

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Affordable and Spectacular Landscaping Ideas

25 June 2017
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Landscaping is widely known as one of the best home improvements that can literally pay off and transform your home into a beautiful scenery. For most home improvements, "affordable" and "stunning" will rarely go together. However, landscaping offers a variety of affordable improvements that offer huge dividends in terms of the beauty of your home's exterior as well as its resale value. Have a look at some landscape ideas that will transform your home and offer an outstanding view:

Plantings Ideas like shrubs, flowers, trees and bushes can be a cost effective solution to the major problem of affordable landscaping. You can buy a variety of bulbs and perennials to provide season after season of beautiful and attractive blooms with a single planting. Massing a bed of a single perennial will create a drift of different coulours and texture. In addition, when you go for perennials that spread through runners or seeding, they tend to grow thicker with no additional expenses from your pocket. You may access complete information on the type of plants and flowers that can do best in your home environment from the staff of your local nursery.

Stones and Rocks Most landscaping design elements that have the most impact are also the simplest and least expensive. Adding small boulders or a few stones will have a remarkable impact on the overall outlook of the landscape. In addition to actual boulders and rocks, there are many artificial rock designs that can enhance the look of virtually any front or backyard landscape. The rocks may be made of composite or plastic materials while others incorporate additional elements like outdoor speakers.

Local Flora The hardiness and appeal of native varieties of flowers and plants offer trouble-free landscape planting. Planting of trees, shrubs and flowers that are native to your specific area means that the plants are uniquely adapted to such environment, which in turn increases the likelihood of low maintenance additions to the landscape. It is advisable to ensure that once your landscape is designed to your own liking, maintain it in the cheapest way possible by avoiding commercial fertilisers and mulch. You can set up some space for a composite pile and make your own natural fertiliser out of the unwanted scraps.

TIP: You will need gardening equipment in order to carry out all the activities. In this case, renting such equipment could be very costly. Consult your neighbours about the renting prices of equipment such as lawn aerators, rototillers and many others. You may team up and split the prices to cut down on costs.  

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