Home Construction: Selecting the Right Timber Truss Design

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Home Construction: Selecting the Right Timber Truss Design

5 January 2018
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Choosing the right timber trusses for your residential roof is critical for the safety, longevity and appeal of your home. In simple terms, the framework installed to support the roofing material will determine the strength of the upper structure of your house. Also, the design of the trusses will have a direct impact on the appearance of the roofing and your building. Therefore, you should be cautious and keen when selecting the timber trusses. Here are the most popular basic framing designs to consider using in your home.

Common Truss

The simplest truss design in the market consists of a single wooden triangle, and the design is known as a common truss. This framework is often installed in roofs consisting of rafters and strong ceiling joists. Unlike other designs, this type does not have supporting posts at the middle of the triangle. However, it has sufficient strength to support residential roofs. In addition, the simplicity of the design means that the cost of construction or acquisition is quite low.

Queen Truss

The queen post trusses have more strength and character than the simple, common truss. This design incorporates posts in the middle of the gabled space or the triangle of the space. The two queen posts are not centrally placed; they are installed between the apex and the ends of the truss. The construction of this framing is quite simple, but its load-bearing capacity and visual impact is significantly higher in comparison to the common truss.

King Truss

If you are looking for a bold and intriguing framing design for your home, you should think about choosing the king post truss. This type of truss has a supporting post at the middle of the triangle making up the roofing framework. The post enhances the strength and stability of the structure, increasing its resilience and performance. Also, two struts are often attached to the king post, enhancing visual impact and distributing the weight for better strength.

Scissor Truss

The scissor truss has a unique look in comparison to the other basic truss designs. In general, this structure does not utilise a simple triangle for the framework. This truss has two beams, instead of a single one, making up the bottom of the truss. The two beams crisscross at the centre, creating a unique look. The design adds character and resolves difficult truss length requirements.

There are multiple variants of the abovementioned truss designs in the market. Therefore, when building your home, you should discuss all your options with your contractor for optimal results.