How to plan your perfect marina construction

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How to plan your perfect marina construction

5 March 2018
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If your property is on the coast then you have probably considered some marine building works, perhaps a breakwater or a sea wall to protect the coastal environment. If you own a yacht or two then perhaps you have thought about building a private marina on your property. You might even be considering the advantages of erecting a luxury commercial marina with docks, piers, refreshment rooms and similar amenities on the site as a way of generating some additional income from your property.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to build it is vital that you find the right team for your marina construction.

Look for marine building experience

For any marine construction then you must find a company with appropriate experience. Marina builders need to be able to deal with the unique nature of marine construction. Marinas, docks, and access bridges all have their different challenges, any construction that is permanently exposed to the elements and the ravages of the sea will  need to be designed and built by a team that understands these conditions and which contains the right experience to produce a long-lasting construction that can withstand all that nature may throw at it. Experienced marina builders should be able to provide you with examples of past constructions, and demonstrate that these structures have withstood the rigours of consistent use and exposure to the water.

Enjoy a guided construction

Unless you have experience designing seawalls, breakwaters, or marinas it is always advisable to seek the advice of someone who does have that experience. Your marina builders should be able to guide you through every stage of your project, starting with the design, and assisting you all the way through to the completion of the project. They will be able to suggest the most appropriate building materials and methods of construction to keep your project within budget and on schedule for delivery.

All working together

No building project can be completed in isolation, and marina construction is more complex than many other projects. To bring your project to reality you will need to work with contractors, architects, developers, and engineers.  You will also need to ensure that your new marina complies with the relevant building regulations and that you have applied for, and received every permit that you need to allow the building work to proceed. Choosing an experienced team of marina builders is the best way to ensure the success of your project and to be certain that your coastal building project will be completed on time and within budget.