Why sustainable timber is a top choice for use in home construction

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Why sustainable timber is a top choice for use in home construction

30 April 2018
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There is a good reason why timber has been used for many years to construct homes and buildings. Contrary to the perception that many people have about timber, it is actually an environmentally friendly and renewable construction material.

The perception is that the use of timber is rapidly depleting the forest supply and negatively impacting the environment. This would be true if the timber was not being harvested from sustainable forests. Indeed, sustainable timber is obtained from forests where more trees are planted than are cut.

Within a 25-80 year period, new trees that are planted can be harvested for more uses. This ensures that the forest cover remains steady or even constantly grows over time. Here are several reasons why you should consider sustainable timber for your new home.

You can manage carbon content in the atmosphere

If you are concerned about environmental sustainability, you'll be happy to note that timber from sustainable sources actually manages the carbon concentrations in the atmosphere. During their lifetime, trees absorb carbon from the atmosphere, which is eventually released when the tree dies and decomposes.

However, trees that are harvested for construction purposes store their carbon content within the logging materials. As a result, more carbon is actually removed from the atmosphere and the greenhouse effect is reduced.

It's a durable choice for the home

Timber has excellent durability that can make your home last for many years to come. Homes that are constructed using a timber frame are able to resist fire damage, strong winds, and other physical contact. You can therefore enjoy increased safety while in your home.

It takes minimal energy to manufacture timber

Timber is a convenient material to work with, making the manufacturing process much easier than processing steel, aluminium, or even concrete. The lower amount of energy used to process, design, and shape timber reduces cost and any negative environmental impact.

Timber is renewable

Of all the materials used to build a home, timber is perhaps one of the only truly renewable sources. Timber from a sustainable source can be replaced at an equal rate that it is consumed, resulting in a zero net effect on the environment.

On the other hand, materials such as bricks and steel are finite in their availability. The more they are used, the more they continue to become depleted.

This offers excellent insulation to the home

Because timber does not conduct heat easily, it is excellent for use as an insulating material. Air will not leak in and out of the home, reducing the amount of energy used by your HVAC system. If you want to ensure your home is properly insulated, contact local home builders.