2 tips for those who are planning to hire portaloos for their construction project

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2 tips for those who are planning to hire portaloos for their construction project

15 October 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you are planning to have a portaloo hire business deliver some portaloos to your building site during your next construction project, here are some tips that you might find useful.

1. Choose the right location on the building site for the portaloos

It is important not to randomly choose a location on the building site for your rented portaloos, but to pick a spot which is both convenient and safe. You should not, for example, put the portaloos at the top of a slope on the building site, or in an area where they are likely to be exposed to strong winds, as this could result in one of them toppling over.

This could create a huge mess that you and your construction crew would have to clean up; this disruption could, in turn, have a negative impact on how quickly you complete the building work. Given this, it is important to place the portaloos on a level surface and away from windy spots on the site.

Additionally, you should try to ensure that the portaloos are relatively close to your building site's portable canteen, as your construction crew are most likely to use the portaloos during their lunch breaks. If the portaloos are at the opposite end of the building site to where the canteen is located, and the site itself is quite large, the labourers may then have to spend a portion of their lunch breaks making the long journey to and from the portaloos.

2. Arrange for portaloo maintenance to be carried out on a daily basis

It is extremely important to ensure that the portaloos are well-maintained during your construction project. This means that they should be emptied, cleaned and have their supplies (i.e. soap and toilet paper) topped up on a daily basis.

If they are not emptied and cleaned regularly, or if the supply of soap inside them runs out, there is a much greater chance that your construction crew who use them will end up becoming ill (because of being exposed to harmful pathogens). If this happens, some of your crew may need to stay home for several days to recuperate. This could then result in you failing to meet your construction project's completion deadline.

As such, make sure that the portaloos are emptied every single day (using a waste suction device provided by the portaloo hire company), and that they are sanitised (using hot water and anti-bacterial cleaning spray) at least once a day. Additionally, you should ensure that someone refreshes every portaloo's supply of toilet paper and soap each morning.