Understanding the Process of Residential Building Construction

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Understanding the Process of Residential Building Construction

7 January 2019
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When it comes to residential building construction, the process can be a bit confusing. There are many steps to take, and it is often hard to know where to begin and what to do. Here are some tips for understanding the process of residential building construction.


The first thing you will consider when you decide to do any residential building construction is the design. You want to plan out the size, the framework, rooms, electrical systems, and all the other details that will make your ideas into a home. This process can be daunting. You may want to enlist the help of a professional to draw out the finalized plans of your building.


After the plans have been decided and drawn, you will move onto permits. The requirements for permits will differ slightly from state to state. You may need permits for planning the use of a property and the actual construction of your property. Again, check with your state and council for permit requirements. You may want to consult with a contractor as well. They will be able to tell you the permits you will need for your location and desired design.


Once you have all of the necessary permits, the construction process can begin. Here is a general list of the steps your contractor will take in any residential building construction:

The first step in the process will be preparation and pouring of the foundation. This will be the base of your building. Next will be framing the building and installing windows and doors. 

The process continues with siding and initial electrical, plumbing and heating, followed by insulation and drywall. After the drywall has been hung, the finishing touches can be added to the electrical outlets and plumbing fixtures. Then comes the finishing touches that turn the building into a home. The kitchen counters and cabinets, and painting, flooring and final hookup of water and electric. Your contractor can explain the step by step process of the building.


Any residential building construction is going to take time. The average time frame for this type of construction is between four and twelve months. These times will vary depending on your design and weather factors. The larger and more elaborate your design, the longer you will need to allow for the construction of your building.

These tips are not all you will need to know for your residential building construction. However, they should help you understand the basics of what will be involved in this type of project. Your contractor will give you full details and lists of the items to be done before they begin work on making your dream into a home.