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Hi, there! My name is Colin. Last year, I finally completed some construction work on my home. For many years, I had been meaning to do lots of jobs around the place. I wanted to install a new bathroom downstairs. However, I had no idea how to do this so I avoided everything. My wife continued to complain about the lack of progress so I eventually contacted a team of contractors. A plumber, an electrician and a construction team visited my home and completed the work. As they did so, they taught me an awful lot about the best way to complete the job. I hope you find my blog useful.


Why Most of Today’s Industrial Floors Are Line Marked Using Floor Tapes Instead of Floor Paints

21 June 2017
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The floors in many industrial buildings such as warehouses and factories usually need to be line marked to meet safety requirements. Using paint for line marking on industrial floors has been the norm for many years, but not anymore. Instead of using floor paints, an increasing number of industrial managers are now embracing the use of floor marking tapes. This is because of the many significant benefits that floor marking tapes offer over paint. Read More …

Using Shop Fitouts to Take Your Customers on a Shopping Journey

20 June 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Effective shop fitouts don't just display your merchandise. Instead, they take your shoppers on a journey. Here's a look at how that journey plays out and the role shop fitouts play. 1. Invitation Before anything happens, you need to entice customers into your shop. A compelling window display acts as an invitation to passersby. The colours and design of the fitouts as well as the products on display directly impact the type of customers you attract. Read More …

Top Factors Impacting the Design of Data Cabling Systems

18 June 2017
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Before installing a data cabling system, you will first need to come up with an appropriate design for the system. A data cabling system that is correctly designed and installed provides a cabling solution that ensures optimal performance of computer networks as well as telephone systems. If you are considering setting up a data centre to meet your business requirements, you need to ponder over the design of the data cabling infrastructure required. Read More …

Unclogging a Toilet When You’re a Renter

18 June 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you're a renter and the toilet is clogged up, you may be wondering what you should do. You need to be careful not to damage your landlord's toilet or plumbing, but you also want to try to avoid an expensive bill. Here are some ideas to try: 1. Grab the Plunger A lot of toilet clogs can be removed quickly and easily with plunging. Essentially, the plunger forces air into the pipes, and that forces most clogs down the system. Read More …

Improving Digital Infrastructure: Four Reasons to Add Fibre Optic Cables to Your Community

16 June 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you are a community planner, a member of a municipal council or anyone else involved in the infrastructure of a small town or neighbourhood, you may want to consider adding fibre cables to your infrastructure. Wondering about the advantages of these cables? Take a look. 1. Faster, More Powerful Internet to Attract New Community Members Fibre optic cables tend to be one of the fastest Internet cable. If you want to attract new people to your community, you need jobs and industry, but in lieu of that, you need fast Internet and telecom options so you can attract freelancers. Read More …